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Monday, July 26, 2010 -12:23 PM

hi guys..come back to blogging le..feeling very upset dis few days..it really sucks..well..abt me..my class is getting better and i love my class OF more and more each day..hmms..still in basketball and lion dance cca..we are participating a lion dance competition held in school with nicky, labi, daphnie, eric, kelvin and me :) good luck to us man!! hahaz..for basketball still no further annoucment..andand i just came back from genting for lion dance compatition..got 11th place..haiz..damn shag..
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 -6:25 AM
hmms..holiday is damn boring for me..3 weeks holiday doing nothing is totally a waste of time..for the past few days, i have been staying at home till my whole body turn rusty liao..today suppose to have a friendly match against ping yi, but eventually de match was cancel due to raining..damn sianz lah..slack at foryer to play poker and talk some stuff den headed to bedok inter to eat and use com..hmms..still left 12 days to school re-open and i am waiting for the day to come as school is much more fun and better den staying at home..actually secondary school life is better den ITE, when i went back to ping yi today, i remember all the fun and sad memories in the past and 4years just pass like that..now ITE is like a stranger school to me..the fun that i have enjoyed in secondary school is all gone..the recess time, scolding from teacher, disturbing people, playing and slacking at basketball court and foryer after school everyday...i miss all of them..haiz..if ITE can be as fun as secondary school life, den i will be happy liao..hmms..having exam in 2months time le..have to buck up for my OSA liao.. :)

signing off from here, byeee!!! :)

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Weilin: hahaz..nvm, it's okay :) and link liao :)

Rachel: hahaz..hope so bah.. =p
Saturday, March 13, 2010 -10:30 AM

hmms..one song that touch my heart is wedding dress..cause the lyrics inside is damn touching and sad..i was once like him..i know that feeling..haiz..he is right.." some say it is not over till it is over, but i think it is all over now"..i totally agree with wad he say..imagine that you can't be together with your loved one and ended your loved one went attached to another guy..de feeling is damn sucks..although you wish her to be happy..but sometimes because of human selfishness..you tend to wish that de person that you love will be unhappy one day and you will be dere for her..and yes..you will hate the person tat you love for not recognizing the love that you have put in..and one day you will feel tat loving her is totally useless and pointless le..because you have done your best and put your real heart to love..and ended up de person dun even care abt your existence...


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Jesslyn: thanks..work hard for your IT fair and study hard too! :)

Alicia: hey Mei, glad that you know that you long time never tagged me liao ><..hahaz..joke joke..i'm fine..currently busy with my SBM bazaar and school work..you? how have you been..? :) study hard for your sec5 wor..jiayou!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010 -5:42 AM

NGYUTING is here to blog for TANZHANYANG !
It had been a long time since we meet up , goona meet up on FRIDAY ! gonna be a fun day for us ! misses , okayy , nothing much to blog anyway , gonna stop here ? hahas ! night everyone ! WAN AN ! swweeettt dreams ! (:
Friday, March 5, 2010 -10:18 PM
hmms..sorry for not updatng my blog..okay..i finally finish my SBM propsal, CSV script le..now waiting for exam den holiday for three weeks..well..school have arranged for us to go for a Malaysia education trip..hope it will be fun bah..this few days keep staying back in school till 6plus..but is quite worth it as i gain something out of it..and this few days de weather is damn hot lor..later around evening time going for a job interview..hope that i will pass bah :)
Tuesday, March 2, 2010 -6:02 AM
hmms...promised wei dong to update my blog..well..have been busy with my SBM, CSV and EFC..mext week is exam le..must study hard for all my subject le..dis few days pass like a second..damn fast...i also dunno wad to write..bye!!!

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yang: who you?
Sunday, February 21, 2010 -8:27 AM

sorry for not updating my blog, was busy with projects..hahaz..as you all can see dis is all our class photo taken on last friday as we are celebrating for one of our classmate birthday..hahaz..but you all sure ask why all the guys are wearing formal..de answer is i also dunno..teacher say must wear den wear lor..hmms..ITE life is quite busy..valentine's day also never celebrate..haiz..i must say that my class bonding really improve alot..from strangers to close friends..exam coming soon le..my OSA still cannot make it..de rest can pass with flying colours de..must chiong and study hard for OSA liao...if fail den will pull down my grades..well...this year the chinese new year is de same as last year..ITE life is also quite boring also, de lunch hour is long and de class duration is short..i hope to spend more time in class as class is more fun den being at home...well..got to go sleep le...tomorrow still have to attend school..good nitez everyone :) HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TOO :)

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Jiayi: hahaz..we all miss you too..it has been quite a long time since we meet up and chat..yeah..my blog is dying soon..hope can blog everyday if i have de time bah.. :) meet up soon :)

NGYUTING: hahaz..miss you too..will meet up soon de..find one day during holiday or weekends go out together yeah.. :) see you :)

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